for the white poppy
the butterfly break off its wings
as a keep sake
-Matsuo Bashō

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Sansa will do her duty. Won’t you, little dove?

OMG this scene… overwhelming need to protect Sansa :’(

^^ askhdkahsd Same, I always feel that though!

The last 2 gifs, ALL MY EMOTIONS

I love how Sophie let’s Sansa’s facade slip for a bit while Lena for a split moment manages to portray an understanding to what Sansa is feeling. She’s been there, she knows what Sansa is feeling, to be cast off into a marriage that is both abusive and loveless. 

I’ve always felt Cersei is in a way trying to make Sansa tougher, to make her see what life is like away from stories of knights and princesses. But maybe that’s just me

Oh God I’m crying.