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"My name is Lucatiel.  I beg of you, remember my name.  For I may not myself."

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// other stuff of “Dark souls 1 and 2 characters”

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Halloween 2014: Dark Souls Monsters


For the past like, five years, I’ve gotten messages almost weekly from various people asking if I’ve seen the monsters in the Souls series. This is the most-requested Jonathan monster review of the past half-decade so you better like it.


If you think I missed some I would really love feel free to tell me.

And somebody find me a good shot of those damn slugs maybe.

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Hey guys! Over the break I broke out the watercolors and painted up some of my favorite Dark Souls characters. They’re available as prints on my society6 page, http://society6.com/fabalvala , if you’d like to check it out!

Computer woes will soon be over, hopefully.

::BIG EDIT:: My Society6 print shop is offering FREE shipping until Jan 12th! Don’t miss out dudes! Use THIS link to insure you get it: http://society6.com/fabalvala?promo=865667

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I feel like Lautrec and Darkmoon Knightess would have some pretty interesting character interactions 

Sinner and punisher of the guilty, Firekeeper killer and firekeeper, gold armor, both are (probably) from Carim…. They would just try to kill each other all the time

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grossly incandescent

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// Dark souls 1 and 2 characters

source: http://blueflytrap998.deviantart.com/   //

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These are the finished Dark Souls 2 pictures we made!
Artists are: Elliot, Olle, Valentin

We only got to play a few hours of the game before we did this. So we decided to take some liberties :)

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dark souls: design works

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I just wanted to draw this ;-;

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