Feasible Lunacy

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"Now that I am Undead, I have come to this great land, the birthplace of Lord Gwyn…"
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Solaire of Astora

:Jolly Cooperation Intensifies:

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I had no idea revenants where so scantily clad till I tried drawing one… ಠ-ಠ

At least that Black Knight has some modesty.

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DARK SOULS II » Sir Alonne 

"Sir Alonne came to this land from the east, chose to serve a little-known and unestablished lord, and helped him become the Old Iron King.

Then, at the end of the very peak of his sire’s rule, Sir Alonne set out again, in search of lands yet unknown.”

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Oh, I nearly forgot about the drawing part... But I will make something easy, or at least I hope it is easy. Maybe Solaire finally finding his very own sun? I just love him too much and I would literally cry if you'd draw that for me ;w;





did you mean this sun


i cant


he found it


Solaire u put that down right now u don’t know where it’s been

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By Mayumo

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