for the white poppy
the butterfly break off its wings
as a keep sake
-Matsuo Bashō

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So I finally started playing Dark Souls…..

Here are some sketches of my character. =v=

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Kiln of the First Flame, Dark Souls Design Works. 



Another lovely new wallpaper by the ever amazing gatherersgarden, this time of Artorias and Sif! You can pledge to the Patreon to snag this wonderful piece of art and some others as well~

heyooo i made another wallpaper for lordranandbeyond!  i couldn’t resist drawing my favorite dark souls knight and his cute puppy UvU

anyways, if you would like the full wallpaper version along with the previous 2 i made, you can donate to the patreon!  you’ll get more cool stuff too!

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"During his solitude, he forsook everything, because he believed in the goddess’ love for him."

Lautrec, the embraced knight of Carim. He is actually very alone, and heartbroken. His non-told arc feels super sad.



"Now that I am Undead, I have come to this great land, the birthplace of Lord Gwyn…"


Solaire of Astora

:Jolly Cooperation Intensifies:

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I had no idea revenants where so scantily clad till I tried drawing one… ಠ-ಠ

At least that Black Knight has some modesty.