Feasible Lunacy

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Franck Bohbot - Chinatown (2014)

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by Tim Navis

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Collections that Leave You Breathless—> Suneet Varma | India Bridal Fashion Week | 2013 The Golden Bracelet


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Fantasy and Science Fiction Metal Sculpture byBas Waijers

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Indie Game Posters Featuring: Hotline Miami / The Stanley Parable / Kentucky Route Zero / FTL / Gone Home / Papers Please

by Andrew Emerson

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KatrienAbyss Odyssey.

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(FYI, ace team is from Chile, so you will always find a name o two from our floklore like in this one, so i wanna be usefull and give this little information obviously take it from wikipedia just coz my english sux)

The Pincoya is, according to local mythology, a female “water spirit” of the Chilotan Seas. The Pincoya is said to have long hair, be of incomparable beauty, be cheerful and sensual, and rise from the depths of the sea. Naked and pure, she personifies the fertility of marine species.

Through her ritual dance she provides the chilote (resident of Chiloé) with an abundance or deficiency of fish and seafood. If she performs her dance facing the sea, it means that these shores will have an abundance of fish. When she dances facing the mountains, her back to the sea, seafood will be scarce. Chiloean mythology is appreciative of the Pincoya, believed to be good, beautiful and humanitarian.

According to other legends, Pincoya is the daughter of Millalobo (king of sea, in chilote mythology) and the human Huenchula. Her sister is the Sirena chilota (a type of Mermaid) and her brother is Pincoy (who also is her husband). The three siblings lead and guide the drowned sailors onto a large phantom ship, the Caleuche, sailing the seas at night around the southern island of Chiloé in southern Chile. The ship appears briefly intact with sounds of a party on board, but quickly vanishes. Myth has it that once on board, the dead can resume an existence as if they were alive again.

and yes, millalobo appears in the game too…

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