for the white poppy
the butterfly break off its wings
as a keep sake
-Matsuo Bashō

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Keel by Tatchit




Large (Wikimedia)

Harry Edwards painted Handsome Morning—A Dakota in 1921.

As the Brooklyn Museum describes, Edwards painted Handsome Morning “wearing a fringed shift with painted emblems, a bead-and-quill necklace, beaded moccasins, and a ceremonial blanket of fur-lined buffalo hide painted with abstract motifs (a specialty of Dakota women).”

Edwards picks up the bold colors of her garments in the indistinct strokes of the background, tying the subject and her setting together.

In fact, Edwards seems deliberately to have composed the scene to highlight her garments, her delicate moccasin emerging from behind her carefully arrayed blanket.

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Roll for initiative, please.


The Butterfly, 1870, John Henry Dolph

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Look how big that things fucking wings are!

I’m not reblogging this because of the effin’ bird

A friend of mine is a falconer, and I’ve seen pictures of her holding a golden eagle like that. HE IS MAKING IT LOOK SMALL.

Ok yeah, the man is definitely beautiful but srsly u guise - DAT. BIRD.

Can we talk about golden eagles for a sec?  Because these bitches are what we call apex predators - they’re at the top of the motherfucking food chain.  Only humans are really a threat to them, but we don’t really count because we’re a threat to fucking everything ever on the planet anyway.  

Golden eagles have killed deer and wolves, they can frighten off grizzly bears, even fucking honey badgers are terrified of these motherfuckers.

That’s right.  Honey badger don’t give a fuck…unless a golden eagle is around.

Golden eagles are fucking amazing.  Srsly.

… I’m reblogging for the bird and the hot guy, for the record. Because I support both natural science and those back muscles.


Feature Friday!

Today I wanna show off Mostlymade’s work. These devils will hopefully be available for limited purchase soon, so keep an eye out! I absolutely LOVE the texture on the surface of that skull. REALLY nice. REALLY wish I could get one for myself!!

Nyam- Osoryn Tsultem

Ensemble of the Clouds



The Penitent Magdalen (detail), 1640, Georges de La Tour



Behold the awesomeness that is Long Ma the fire-breathing dragon-horse, the latest creation by French artist François Delarozière and his art production company La Machine. The 46-ton kinetic sculpture stands almost 40 feet tall and features articulated limbs that can gallop, rear up, and fold beneath him when he wants to sit down. His neck rises and falls and his wonderfully expressive face features eyes that open and close. Best of all, his chest swells from the pressure building in his lungs before he exhales fantastic plumes of smoke from his nostrils and jets of fire from his mouth.

This marvelous interactive sculpture was just debuted in the French city of Nantes and will soon be traveling to Beijing where he’ll be presented in October as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. Long Ma is based on a creature from Chinese mythology, Longma, a fabled winged horse with dragon scales, and will be the hero of a performance entitled “Long Ma Jing Shen” or “The Spirit of the Horse Dragon” during which he’ll face off against a giant spider.

Click here and here for video footage of Long Ma in all his fiery glory.

Visit the La Machine Facebook page for additional images.

[via Kotaku:Screenburn and Laughing Squid]

I went to Nante a few years ago and bought a collection of the prints of some of the machines. They are truly spectacular.